About Jim

About Jim

Jim has been in and around the motor industry for nearly 30 years, working initially on the sales side starting with Vauxhall and then working with Renault, Chrysler Jeep, Porsche and finally BMW.

After successfully running three used car sites for an independent BMW dealer I decided to retrain 12 years ago, as my dream was to work for myself, but still within the motor industry.

I went to night school and was taught the fundamentals of upholstery and during the day I was trained by my friend and mentor (Chester) in the art of interior trim repairs.

I’m also glad to announce that in partnership with Chris Greenwood (of Competition Classics) we (Trimline Systems) have combined our skill sets to bring the new service of rescuing your dashboards and bringing them back to life!

The journey so far has been fun and exciting, but there’s still more too come!

Contact us to find out how I can help your car interior!